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Affordable Embroidery ScissorsUnicorn Style Affordable Embroidery Scissors

Looking for affordable Embroidery Scissors that will last? MyNotions carries only the best products available for customers. We also ensure that every product we offer meets our strict quality standards so our customers will be happy. This is why we carry high-quality embroidery scissors for your stitching needs.

Our wide selection of stylish embroidery cutting scissors are also capable of making any projects much easier. A great price helps too! We take pride in offering our embroidery cutting scissors at a fair and reasonable price. Take a look at MyNotion’s selection of embroidery scissors to find the perfect tool for your needs.

For more information on our selection of embroidery cutting scissors, please call us today at 630-435-0430. You can also get in contact by simply filling out the request form on this page.


Quality Embroidery Scissors

At MyNotions, we understand that embroidery cutting scissors need to made with care. Our embroidery scissors are perfectly sized to fit in your hand comfortably. This helps you be more accurate in your finer areas of your cutting work. Whether your needs are professional or recreational, MyNotions is sure to carry the perfect pair of embroidery scissors for you.

For those who enjoy embroidery, these Embroidery Scissors are a must-have! The blades are very sharp and can get into small corners as well as make clean cuts. Ergonomic handles make delicate cutting and trimming a breeze too. With MyNotion’s selection of high Quality Embroidery Scissors, you will be sure to find something you love.


Wide Selection of Embroidery Scissors

We carry a wide variety of embroidery scissors at MyNotions. You will find embroidery scissors in varying shapes, sizes and colors. Our embroidery scissors are available in 2.25-inch, 3.5-inch and 4-inch sizes. MyNotions is sure that we have whatever crafting tools or accessories that you may need.

We are continually adding new products to our inventory so be sure to check in regularly with us. Our newest style of scissors are the Stainless Steel Embroidery Scissors. These blades are strong and the styling is also very modern. Perfect for cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, sewing as well as all types of stitchery projects. Each have their own unique style and look so you can be sure to find a pair that lines up with your craft and your personal taste. 

We offer our embroidery scissors in value packs so you can get multiple scissors and never have to worry about not having the pair you need most. Take a look at MyNotion’s selection of embroidery scissors and find the perfect tool for your crafting needs.

Contact MyNotions today to learn more about our great selection of embroidery cutting scissors by calling us at 630-435-0430. You may also reach out with any question that you have by simply filling out the request form on this page.


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