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Add-A-Mat Cutting Mats

Add-A-Mat Cutting Mats are self-healing cutting mats that are connectable and easy to work with. A double-sided cutting surface ensures that your mat will last twice as long. The two sides are different colors so you can use the side that works best for your project. The extra-large numbers are all placed on the outer edge so they are visible while cutting. A clean line system on a non-glare surface helps visibility as well. 

Create a large cutting area that fits your needs with the Add-A-Mat Cutting Mats. Using the twin and cross joints, you can customize the mat size and shape you need to fit your work area. Add as many mats as you need in any direction! They are portable and easy to connect/disconnect. Additionally, Add-A-Mats are excellent for storage or travel. Available in 3 sizes!

Add as many mats as you need in any direction with Add-A-Mat Cutting Mats!

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