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Refer a Friend Program

Welcome to our Refer a Friend Program! This program is designed to help you save so you can focus on the craft you love most—whether that is embroidery, knitting, crocheting, or quilting! We want our customers to feel valued and to share it with those they care for most!

The Benefits

When you join the program, you will receive two different promo codes. One is a special promo code for your use only, and another promo code for 5% off to share with your loved ones so they can use it for their one-time purchase. When you share this referral code with your loved ones and friends, we will keep track of the number of users who apply the code for an order. As you reach a specific number, we will increase the discount percentage code on your promo code. See the table below for how it increases:

Number of Referrals % off Entire Order
0-9 Referrals  5% off the Entire Order
10-19 Referrals  10% off the Entire Order
20-29 Referrals 20% off the Entire Order
30 Referrals 30% off the Entire Order


It’s that easy! Apply, share the code, and start saving and start crafting with your loved ones!


Terms & Conditions:

The following restriction and rules apply to the referral program. Read through it carefully as consent to these terms is required upon application:

  1. The specific promo code you receive for discounts on your orders can only be used for your account. The code may not be applied by any other user(s) or guest(s) orders. If there is any suspicious activity, such as using your specific code by any other user that is not you, then both promo codes will be terminated.
  2. The promo code that is received to share with family and friends can only be used (1) time by the user. The same user cannot reuse the discount promo on their next order. Our team will track your promo code usage and referrals to adjust your discount percentage. If there is any suspicious activity, such as the constant attempt to reuse the share promo code by any user, then both promo codes will be terminated.
  3. Promo codes cannot be used in junction with other promo codes. Only one promo code can be used at a time. If we see that these promo codes are being misused in any way, then both promo codes will be terminated.
  4. The maximum amount of referral shares is 30 per person.  We can only reward up to 30 referrals per user in this program. This is a set number so as not to conflict with other promotions in place and plan to run in the future.
  5. As the program continues to grow and develop, we may adapt, change, or discontinue aspects of the program as needed. We will notify participants in the program of these changes to terms as soon as they are made.

How to get started:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your MyNotions account. If you do not have an account, you must make an account. Once you are logged in, complete the form down below. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to process your request.
  2. You will receive an email from our Customer Service notifying you of your acceptance into the program. You will receive both promo codes in this email. 
  3. Start sharing, start earning, and see savings!


You must have an account with MyNotions in order to participate in our referral program.

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