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High Quality Cutting Mats

When it comes to your craft, you know it is best to be prepared for any extras or messes that may arise while engaging in your hobby. Craft tables are great to help you dive into your hobby. It is wonderful to have a dedicated workstation that keeps your supplies nice and organized. However, your craft table is going to show signs of your work and may be subject to wear and tear, especially if your crafts require scissors or a rotary cutter to complete. Cutting mats provide the perfect solution to this problem.

Cutting Mats

Here at MyNotions, we have a variety of cutting mats of varying sizes to help product your workstation and make your project run smoother. With multiple size options, you are sure to find a mat that is ideal for your work area. If you are looking to help maintain the look of your tabletop, cutting mats are a great item to have. They should be a must have for any hobby that involves tools that could cause damage to the surface you are using as a workstation.

For more information on cutting mats and our crafting accessories or if you have any questions about our items and how they can make crafting time easier for you, call us today at 630-435-0430. You can also fill out the contact form located on this page and we will respond shortly.


Multi-Purpose Cutting Mats

Our cutting mats are ideal for multiple applications. Use them to cover your work space for added protection when engaging in sewing, scrapbooking, quilting, and more. Our mats will protect your surfaces from sharp cutting tools and abrasives. Many of our mats come with a printed measurement grid to help ensure accuracy in any project.

The Cutting EDGE mats we have in our inventory are designed to withstand heavy use and are two sided to give you the durability of two mats and have different colors so you can use the side you most prefer. Cutting EDGE mats also possess a unique feature: self-healing technology which allows cuts to mend themselves. Turn your workspace into a handy cutting surface with our various sizes of cutting mats. High quality mats that feature a simple grid layout to keep your cutting lines clean. These mats will help to protect from sharp cutting tools and abrasives.

If you have any questions about our cutting mats or would like more information on our other crafting materials and accessories, call us at 630-435-0430 today. Or simply fill out the contact form on this page and we will get back to you shortly.


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Sassy 45mm Rotary Cutter - Pink

Sassy Accessories

Collect all of your favorite Sassy Notions in three fun and bright colors – blue, pink, and purple! Using high-quality sewing and quilting supplies makes all the difference in your work. Using fun colors to create only makes it more enjoyable! Furthermore, this entire collection is affordably priced. Stock up your work space without breaking the bank!

Your Favorite Notions is committed to providing quilters, knitters and sewists with the right equipment and materials to make stunning handmade creations at the best prices.

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