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Keep Your Stitching Clean with Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery ScissorsWe all know embroidery scissors are a necessity for anyone who does embroidery. With their extremely sharp blades and tips, embroidery scissors cleanly cut through multi-ply embroidery thread, keeping your work neat and as intended. That being said, embroidery scissors are no regular pair of scissors – they’re specifically designed for needlework.\

How to Choose the Best Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery scissors are small but mighty. They range in size from 2-4 inches and are particularly delicate. The smaller the size of embroidery scissors, the more control you have over your own work, because they’re easier to control and manipulate. Make sure that both the tip and the blades of your embroidery scissors are well sharpened.

With their small size, pay close attention to the size of the finger holes in the embroidery scissors of your choice. It’s important that they are large enough to be comfortable but small enough to allow you to control them with the utmost accuracy.

Types of Embroidery Scissors

  • Straight Tip Embroidery Scissors: These are the most commonly used type of embroidery scissors. They are small and thin with a fine-point to ensure precision when closely trimming threads. These embroidery scissors are designed specifically for thread.
  • Curved Tip Embroidery Scissors: These are created for extreme precision work. They’re able to easily get under stitches and remove underlay stitches that have popped. These embroidery scissors are designed specifically for thread trimming.
  • Applique Embroidery Scissors: These embroidery scissors are made to push down on a lower layer of fabric while cutting an upper layer. They come with one large blade that pushes down the lower layer of fabric, referred to as a “duckbill”. These embroidery scissors are made specifically for applique but are also very popular in embroidery.
  • Double Curved Embroidery Scissors: If you’re looking for something to make trimming easier, you should grab a pair of these. Curved both at the handle and the tip, these scissors allow for better visibility of hard to reach areas.
  • Sharp & Blunt Point Scissors: These are actually two separate types of embroidery scissors. The sharp point scissors are used for getting under and trimming stitches that are very close to fabric. Blunt Point embroidery scissors are used mostly for the fabric itself.


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