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Glue Pins

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Quickly bonds fabrics together, then gently washes away, and is 100% water soluble.



Matching plaids, stripes, or stitching seams on slippery fabrics is easy when using GLUE PINS. It is ideal for those hard-to-pin fabrics like Ultrasuede®. Now you can baste seams or position zippers and trims effortlessly. GLUE PINS quickly bonds fabrics together, then gently washes away. It is is 100% water soluble.

Depending on the project, if the fabric cannot be pinned, then this product is a practicable solution to bonding and holding fabric! The glue acts fast and works well with hard-to-pin fabrics. With little to no mess, this glue is a good at-hand accessory to have in your sewing kit!

The application of the glue is simple and easy. With a delicate rinse, the glue will wash away. It will not leave any residue behind.

Directions: Flip open the small nozzle within the cap. Run a thin line of the liquid along the hem or seam line. To speed up the drying time, place an ironing cloth over the treated fabric and iron dry. Be sure to close the cap when you are finished.

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Dissolves when washed! Eliminates the need for pinning or tacking!

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