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Overdyed Pearl Cotton

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Non-Divisible Overdyed Pearl Cotton Thread – Available in 30 brilliant colors!

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Sullivans Overdyed Pearl Cotton is made from 100% Egyptian Cotton. It is premium quality. The non-divisible Size 5 thread features multiple colors that harmoniously progress from one to the other. It blends from one color to another. Therefore you can always expect color consistency from one skein to the next. The term Overdyed is similar to variegated or multicolored. Easily anticipate the color changes within a stitched piece. You can purchase the entire collection of 30 colors here.

This superior quality thread is available on a 6″ long, twisted skein. Each skein features 15 yards of thread. A double mercerizing process creates a shine that stitchers love. Plus the long-staple cotton helps to reduce fraying while stitching. Use this luminous thread for cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, punch needle, as well as other types of creative stitchery. Available in 30 brilliant colors! Pearl Cotton Thread is available in solid colors too.

Sullivans Pearl Cotton is 100% colorfast. You can wash it frequently without the color fading. Wash the thread at high temperatures such as 203° F/95° C. Give particular attention to the fabric on which the thread is embroidered.


  • Sullivans Overdyed Pearl Cotton
  • Non-Divisible Size 5 Thread
  • Blends from one color to another
  • Long-staple 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • 15 yards per 6″ twisted skein
  • Double mercerized process
  • Available in 30 brilliant colors
  • Great for cross-stitch, punch needle, and more
Sullivans Overdyed Pearl Cotton is available in your choice of 30 colors. 

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Dimensions 0.6 × 0.5 × 0.375 in

35514 – Shades of Sapphire, 35521 – Fawn, 35523 – Cappuccino, 35529 – Slate, 35530 – Pastel Frost, 35532 – Sedona Hill, 35533 – Grand Canyon, 35534 – Summer Mist, 35535 – Autumn Fields, 35536 – Cornucopia, 35537 – Berry Blast, 35538 – Court Jester, 35539 – Enchanted Sunset, 35541 – Cotton Candy Collision, 35542 – Daybreak, 35543 – Potpourri Blend, 35544 – September Garden, 35545 – Twilight, 35546 – Purple Jade, 35547 – Mulberry Magic, 35549 – Northern Lights, 35550 – Spring Dawn, 35551 – Minty Blue, 35552 – Wavecrest, 35554 – Lemon Ice, 35556 – Forest Breeze, 35557 – Rolling Plains, 35558 – Ambrosia, 35560 – Cinnamon Blush, 35561 – Sherwood Forest

1 review for Overdyed Pearl Cotton

  1. tomnbon

    Is there a place where I can check just one box to get one of each of the Overdyed Pearl Cotton, instead of sitting in front of my computer moving a mouse all day. Would be so easy and fast. If you did that, and had the set of Overdyed Pearl Cottons in a bag with a note as to what they are, it wouldn’t be $5, unless you ordered other threads or flosses. I’m not complaining, I’m just a good customer who happens to like your “stuff”.

  2. Laura Feller

    Great idea! You can now shop all 30 colors in the collection at this link:

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