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Universal Zipper Repair Kit

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Easily repair your zippers using this Universal Zipper Repair Kit.

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With the Universal Zipper Repair Kit, prolong the life of your favorite garments and other zippered goods. Don’t throw it away, fix it! Instructions are available for download. The guide is complete with easy to read drawings of zippers and their components.

The first thing to do is to decide if the zipper is in fact repairable. If there are no missing teeth and the pin and box are secure, the zipper can be repairable. The most common failure with zippers is the slider wearing out. The slider is the part which squeezes the teeth together. If this is the case the zipper can be easily repaired by replacing the slider of the zipper.

This package includes the following:

    • 1 Size 5 “H” shape back stop
    • 2 Size 5 front stop
    • 2 Size 3 front stop
    • 1 Size 5 rail slider
    • 1 Size 5 lock slider single drawing slice
    • 1 Size 5 unlock slider two drawing slices
    • 1 Size 3 auto-lock slider
    • 1 Size 5 unlock slider
    • 1 Size 8 unlock slider
    • 1 Size 5 back stop
    • 1 Size 3 back stop
    • 2 Size 5 front stop
    • 2 Size 3 front stop
    • 1 Size 3 pin-lock slider
    • 1 Size 3 auto-lock slider square drawing slice
    • 1 Size 4 slider spring lock 
    • 1 Size 5 slider spring lock
    • 1 Size 5 back stop
    • 2 Size 5 front stop
    • 1 Size 3 auto-lock slider
    • 1 Size 4 unlock slider
Each package includes one Universal Zipper Repair Kit.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.0 × 0.625 in

1 review for Universal Zipper Repair Kit

  1. Valerie A Martin

    Saved me lots of time and money, but I can’t find anyone local to purchase it from again!

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