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Zip and Carry Bags Book

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Create a stylish bag using the Make-A-Zippers. This book is full of great patterns & instructions.

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Create your own unique bags with Mary Mulari’s Zip & Carry Bags Book. Creative sewing author Mary Mulari has written 21 books and designs patterns for accessories. In the Zip & Carry Bags Book, you will find instructions for 10 creative zipper bags. Create an amazing, stylish bag (maybe two!) using Sullivans’ Make-A-Zippers. This book is full of great images and patterns including easy-to-follow instructions. This is nontraditional, no-fear zipper sewing. Make a coin purse and cosmetic bag from one 5½” yard roll of standard Make-A-Zipper. Or you can make a wine bottle carrier with a roll of standard or heavy duty zipper. Follow the colorful, clear steps featured in the book to create a collection of 10 bags.

  • Features 20 pages of images, patterns, and instructions for 10 different bags.
Includes one Zip & Carry Bags Book with all pattern pieces included.

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