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Enjoy the Versatility of Hobby Tables

If you’re like many crafters, you have a large amount of supplies and the creative energy to use them all, but you may lack the space needed to do your work properly and in an organized manner. Luckily, hobby tables take the stress out of crafting. If you’re lucky enough to own a good crafting organizer (and you should), a good hobby table is a must-have item.

Adjustable Hobby TableHobby tables come in a variety of sizes and all types of features. We offer a diverse selection of hobby tables. Features include storage space, wheels, and angled table tops. If you’re looking for a hobby table that is foldable or portable we have that too!


Finding the Best Hobby Table for You

Before you rush out and purchase a hobby table, let’s go through some of the features that best fit your crafting needs. With all of the different options available, it’s important that you pick a hobby table that is appropriate for you.

For those who have a dedicated craft space a more permanent setup may be best. These tables have their own list of options, including drawers for storage, adjustable tops, and more. When picking your hobby table, make sure you pick one that is large enough for you to comfortably sit at and do your crafting. Your hobby table should have adequate space for any supplies you need out as well as what you’re working on. Bigger isn’t always better, but it can be. If you regularly find yourself looking for more storage space for supplies whiles you’re crafting, a hobby table with drawers is an easy solution.

If you don’t have a dedicated crafting space, or if the space you have is limited a portable hobby table may be your perfect fit. Just because a hobby table is portable, that doesn’t mean it’s small. If you often move your workspace around or are tight on space, a portable hobby table could be just what you need. We offer hobby tables that fold and roll. When choosing between the two be sure to consider where you will be storing your hobby table when it is not in use.

Lastly we’ll focus on hobby tables for sewing. These have large holes in the top to accommodate sewing machines, with additional surface space for your fabric while you’ve got your sewing machine running. It doesn’t need to be said but if you don’t sew, this type of hobby table is not for you.


The Benefits of Owning a Hobby Table

Once you get your hobby table you might notice a few things changing for you.

  1. Less Mistakes: With the working space that a hobby table offers, you’ll be able to do your crafting with less mistakes caused by clutter and lack of needed room.
  2. Decluttering: The hobby table provides a large surface and potentially storage for your supplies and projects in progress, reducing the usual crafting clutter that we all have experienced.
  3. Convenience: If you have a hobby table with drawers, you’ll be able to easily access additional crafting supplies that you may need while you’re working. This allows you to finish your project more efficiently.
  4. Reduction in Back Pain: Many crafters tend to do their work wherever they can find the room. This sometimes means bending far over a table that’s too high or low, or sitting on the floor for extended periods of time. With a hobby table, you can do your work and enjoy working in a comfortable position, which will lead to less back pain.

Ready to Own a Hobby Table?

If you don’t already have a hobby table and are ready to finally make that purchase, give us a call at (630) 435-0430 or fill out the contact form on your right and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! You can also browse through our selection of hobby tables on our website!


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