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Whether it’s by hand or with a machine, Quilting can be a lot of fun. Quilters can create bed spreads, wall hangings, and more using a range of designs and styles. Regardless of skill level, all quilters know the importance of having the right tools when creating a quilt. It helps to maximize efficiency and to make the experience one to remember. Our products range from sharp tailor scissors to rotary cutters and non-skid rulers to self-healing cutting mats. 

One of the joys of this craft is that the supplies needed can be as simple as scissors, a needle and thread. Or even more complex with specialty tools designed for a specific purpose. Whether you are a gadget-lover who wants every tool, or a minimalist looking to acquire the basics, knowing the important tools to use is essential to quilting success.

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Your Favorite Notions is committed to providing quilters, knitters and sewists with the right equipment and materials to make stunning handmade creations at the best prices.

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