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Self-Healing Cutting Mats

Our Self-Healing Cutting Mats can withstand any type of cut. The self-healing technology allows cuts to mend themselves. This means that the blade does not leave slash marks or grooves in the surface even after repeated usage. It is helpful to protect surfaces from sharp cutting tools and abrasives. It helps keep your fabric from shifting while cutting too. The two sides are different colors so you can use the side that works best for your project. The extra-large numbers are all placed on the outer edge so they are visible while cutting. A clean line system on a non-glare surface helps visibility as well. 

Always store mats flat or hanging on a wall. To avoid permanent bends do not store a mat on an edge or rolled up. Heat will cause a mat to warp and become unstable so be sure to keep all mats our of direct sunlight and never leave them in a  hot car. Periodically treat your mat to a good cleaning with warm soapy water and gently dry with a towel. 

Make your mat last even longer with these Self-Healing Cutting Mats!

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